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Why Kay’s Naturals?

Most likely you are visiting this site because

  • you would like to lose a few extra pounds;
  • you are celiac or would like to stay clear of gluten for better digestion;
  • you want to go on a diet and be healthy again so that you can have more energy and more stamina; or
  • you are looking for more nutritious, lower calorie gluten-free snacks, cookies and cereals.

You are not alone in this search. You are one of millions of people who are struggling with issues of weight, diet and wellness on a daily basis.  The fact is that over 68% of the American population is either overweight or obese and struggling to keep weight off and regain energy and wellness.

One of the main health concerns is the real and inevitable link between Type Two diabetes and obesity. The main purpose of this site is to help you – using your own abilities – to create a plan to lose excess weight using our gluten-free, delicious, high-protein and fiber snacks, cereals and cookies. Once you have reached your ideal weight, you can maintain it without many restrictions as long as you keep in mind that what you are eating probably contains calories. It sounds simplistic, but you can empower yourself by learning to differentiate between empty-calorie and nutritional foods. Foods that balance the amount of calorie intake with energy output is the secret to weight maintenance.

Kay’s Naturals products are gluten-free crunchy snacks, cereals, and cookies that are

  • All-natural
  • High-protein (as much per serving as 2 eggs)
  • Delicious
  • A good source of fiber (4.5g per serving)
  • Gluten-free
  • Satisfying

We emphasize protein and fiber.  We emphasize protein because it takes a long time to digest and be absorbed into bloodstream. This slow digestion process helps you feel full longer. We emphasize fiber because it does not get absorbed into the bloodstream at all.  In most cases fiber does not have calories. It is a bulking agent and as such also helps you feel full longer.

Sugars, on the other hand, enter into the blood stream within 3-7 minutes.  Starches break down into sugars and enter the bloodstream within 12-15 minutes.  These sugar-based molecules tend to give a surge of high energy for a short time and are considered to be foods with a high “glycemic index.” They are not acceptable for people with diabetes or for anyone trying to lose weight.  The surge of sugar into the blood stream also follows with a surge of insulin. If the body is not utilizing the energy, this insulin spike (insulin is a basically a hormone for fat storage) will result in transferring the energy into fat to store as energy for later use.  Reducing starches and sugars by increasing fiber and protein will help stabilize your blood sugars and help prevent dramatic insulin spikes. With less insulin in your system, your body will access your body fat for energy more easily, giving you a critical tool in weight management.

Click here for more information on how Kay’s Naturals can help empower you to lose weight and feel energized.

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