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Did you know that Kay’s Naturals snacks and cereals have an ideal nutritional profile for controlling weight and sustaining energy? To learn more, read Why Kay’s Naturals?, an overview of how Kay’s can help empower your dieting today.

Have you ever wondered “Is Will Power Enough?” to get you the dieting results you need? So has Dr. Kay, and he explains it all in A Few Thoughts on Will Power.

Do you ever feel confused with all the dieting jargon you hear about “whole grains,” “complex carbohydrates,” and “good fats vs. bad fats?” Dr. Kay cuts through the hype with his article on Understanding Your Nutrition. You may also enjoy his advice on Making Better Food Choices.

How to Choose the Best Snack Foods for You is a handy guide to enjoying snacks while losing weight, and Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle is hot off the press from our staff nutritionist.

The Science of Kay’s Naturals is a helpful overview if you’re interested in learning how the Kay’s Naturals ingredients formula empowers successful dieting.

And finally, for the really avid readers among you, here are some interesting nutrition and lifestyle articles and videos we found on other websites:

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